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Family Without Quarrels

Posted by Sylia on

Brawl – is dynamite, laid under the house foundation, called the 'family'. The greater the charge – the greater the explosion. But to destroy this house to the ground, they need a large amount of damage that eventually building would collapse, or explosion of a very large force. Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid quarrels. Maybe there is very little family, free of Down and Out.

Brawl is almost inevitable, since the main cell of the family, husband and wife – alive people with its own advantages and disadvantages, and different characters. Accordingly, there is always a common language between the couple, not to mention the relationship between parents and children, as there still interferes notorious 'Education process'. In this case, it gets even more confusing, as each family member may have its own position in this process, like teachers, and have brought up. If you add to the above different experiences of family members (hence the confusion) and not always in good condition 'fortress' (at home). that is, the quality of family relationships, the fights are inevitable. Is it possible to avoid quarrels in the family? Theoretically and actually – yes. Although in practice it is much harder to do.

The main secret of success is the sine qua non – some of the parents must be a 'lightning rod'. He must not only be grounded accumulated negative energy potential fights, but sometimes, if this energy is too strong, act as a circuit breaker. Of course, the quality of the 'fuse' must be different, otherwise it will not sustain the increased strength and strife failure. Which one of the spouses must be a lightning rod and fuse? Every family deals with this question differently. But in order to quarrel was not, someone should take 'strike' over and defuse a dangerous situation. Sometimes have to forgo their principles and 'hard clench your teeth', because in a quarrel one should always remain calm and reasonable to accept as the right decision. Anyone who uses this secret, I'm sure will be close to resolving this painful problem. We must clean our house of strife, both from the accumulated debris and regular 'air' the room. House to be peaceful and comfortable. for them to be watched. In the hearth to throw up wood, instead of increasing the current in the network until a short circuit occurs. Protect your home, let your house called 'family' will be a real castle!