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More precisely, you can view in a separate article, "The calculation of the required power conditioner." Next, the What should stay – the type definition conditioner. Learn more at this site: Medigap. It determines how to install, as well as how many and what size room you have to "pay" for the sake of comfort. For the cottages being applied 'Multi-System or ducted air conditioners. They are best fit the design, as well as ensure an even distribution of incoming air, allowing the premises does not form zones of hypothermia or overheating. 1.Multi Split systems consist of an outdoor unit and multiple indoor, respectively, are placed in the room. Depending on the attachment, they may be: wall, floor, ceiling and column types. In large rooms recommended to install the floor or ceiling mounted indoor units fastened either on the ceiling or the lower part of the wall near the floor.

Especially successful this option if your cottage is scheduled ceilings. There are also models of ceiling air conditioners, distributing the cooled air in four directions at once, and the force of the flow is regulated separately in each direction. This conditioner can be successfully used for cooling of complex shape, with no ceiling. 2.Split-channel-type systems are the principal feature of which is the ability to supply fresh air to the amount necessary for thorough ventilation of air-conditioned rooms. Only need to take care of the correct calculation of air, the air conditioner on the selection of cooling power and static pressure, the installation electric and water heater to preheat outside air in winter.