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It observes the names of people that have been promoted, that has gained prizes, that have abierto new businesses, or that anyway can be potential clients. It sends to those people customized post office letting know the advantages to them than your you sell. Also it tries to be in the meetings to where frequently they attend. You know when them or you have sent them the mail, djales to know that you have read about them and by its success or mencinale felictalos that the article who you read about them was very interesting. 4- It observes the events that can traerte potential sales. Ponte in contact with the organizers of the event and ofrceles to give your product or service to him like a prize during the event in exchange for letting promote to the group your product or service. 5- It attends the meetings and seminaries in which your prospectuses could be. If there are been doing this and have made the contact with enemy that could proporcionarte the sales, observes in newspapers to see the events that other organizations maintain that they could attract your niche of market and attends some of those meetings.

6- Qudese after the meetings. Pngase in contact with the clients who you have satisfied to see if they can be prospectuses. If they say that now they do not need your services, pregntales when serious a good moment to call them, or pregntales if they have partners who could use what now you sell. 7- To give a little to obtain much. It gives the gratuitous samples of your product and pdeles that asks to them their friendly if they are contentments. Or, if you are a consultant, some advice gives free.

This could be in the form of a bulletin of the news which contains the news or Tips and tracks, or this could free be a consultation during which you provide information only enough to help to the client with his project and that knows that you have the capacity to handle it. 8- It studies to the competition. Annciate where do they it. Promuvete where your competition is promoted. 9- It uses many small announcements instead of one very great one. If the majority of people in your type of business announces to attract clients, you must do the same. But you do not glide to give to a great blow making a giant announcement. It develops smaller announcements so that it works during but time in the same classified that your competitors announce. The consistency would mark the difference and but will be recognized. If you announce in the yellow pages, it considers anunciarte in multiple categories. 10- Pdele its opinion when the client does not buy. They found a product that I adapt more to its needs? They decided that they do not need the product absolutely? They only posponed its decision to buy? They found difficult to put an order of purchase in your page Web? It uses what you learn to make the changes necessary and watches as your sales begin to grow. Shankara Bencosme Director of You Without Being discover an Expert In Internet As She can Initiate His Own Business In Internet In His Monthly Free Time and Exactly Of gaining U.S. $21,699 In 2o Months.