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Social Security

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It is imperative that our schools begin to teach young people to invest their health and economic well-being in the long term. If we do not, we will have a huge time bomb on our hands. In recent months, Morgan Stanley has been very successful. Robert T. Kiyosaki No es un secreto. It is a widely known fact, and it is still doing too little. Government forecast plans no dan abasto. Social security systems are facing serious financial problems. According to the Social Security Trustees Annual Report, when it began to operate the system of Social Security, the main system of forecast of the United States, there were 61 people paying for each one that retiring.

Today there are only 3 people pay for every one that retires. This is only a history that reflects the magnitude of a problem that all Nations will have to face in the near future. Everything has changed. Global populations are becoming older. That means that each country’s workforce will have to sustain a growing segment of the population that is not going to work. In addition, many are not aware that the rules have changed.

In the Industrial age many companies offered retirement plans. Today, in the was of computing, this type of plans are withdrawn franca, because they are no longer practicable. Every day that passes we are more responsible for our long-term economic well-being. The big question is: are we prepared? Are we preparing our children so that they can meet the new challenges of the 21st century with success? Traditional education systems are still teaching a formula that was valid for the Industrial Age: studying, take good notes, looking for a good job and you will be successful. It is no longer as well. It is only part of the solution. It is not enough to teach our children to opt for a good job and earn the best possible salary. We must teach them what to do with the money once it is in your hands. They have to learn how to properly manage their resources and to multiply what you have won. They have to learn how to prepare well for your health and long-term economic well-being. If we as parents do not do something, the time bomb explode!