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National Portrait Gallery

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His portraits are famous among celebrities of our time. After living for a year in Israel, he began his career as an independent in Rolling Stone magazine photo, published work, he was soon promoted to the rank of editor. It was here that he began to work for magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue.It has created its own style and his portraits that prints your style in every one of his shots. Leibovitz acknowledged to be less well known than their photos, something logical if we consider the names that fill the infinite faces immortalized by its target list. From the famous portrait of John Lennon hugging his wife a year before his death, with actress Demi Moore nude and pregnant, passing by Hillary Clinton in the White House, there are hundreds of images the camera has given us. But above all, as shown in your woman is the photographer of women, famous or anonymous, actresses or soldiers.You have won important awards such as the American Society of Magazine Photographers institutions (1984, 1987 photographer of the year award for innovation in photography). He has also founded his own Studio in New York. Today is one of the photographers most quoted and the few that have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery..