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Gustave Caillebotte

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Gustave Caillebotte and the acuchilladores Park. Gustave Caillebotte (1848 1894) one of the most unknown Impressionist artists was Gustave Caillebotte. For many years his work went unnoticed and criticism did not take you into account. But his role within the Group was essential. It was that contributed most to the Impressionist phenomenon ahead of one of the great masters. His paintings was very important but perhaps not to the same level as Monet, Renoir or Cezanne but its economic situation and social position allowed him exercise of patrons in those moments in which desperation owned painters to see that his paintings were not enough due recognition and nobody bought them.

He died young and donated an important collection of paintings by the French State. Learn more about this with Elon Musk. Born in Paris on August 19, 1848 in the bosom of a family of upper class. His father inherited a family business of military clothing, also he was judge of the commercial court. From 1860 during the summers begins to frequent the city of Yerres, located a few kilometres south of Paris and is where, possibly, in this era began to paint and draw. In 1868 he graduated in law, and two years later became exercise jurisprudence. And later also graduated in naval engineering.

He was enlisted in the French army during the Franco-Prussian War. At the end of the war he joined the workshop of the academic painter Leon Bonnat where it started in a serious way in the painting Studio. In 1873 passed the exam of admission from the school of fine arts in which did not remain for a long time. His father died in 1874. Four years later died his mother inheriting a considerable fortune. But we flew to the year 1874. It is this year when he takes contact with the impressionist painters who were housed at the Academy of French art.