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Learn more about the availability of some products that you consider essential in the place where you are going and if you do not clear, take them with you (e.g., your contact lenses liquid medicines, adapters). If you have chosen to stay with a family to continue practicing languages outside the hours that passes in school, you can buy them a gift, for example something typical craft that doesn’t occupy much site, but we are sure that if you try to learn to cook some typical Spanish dishes well (or if you already know to do so), will love to try them. A time dedicated to studying consciousness vocabulary related to displacement, either airplane, taxi, train, subway or bus. Learning will be more profitable if you miss imagination and you put in every situation (e.g. get to the airport and can not find my luggage; I stop to register my luggage; came quebranto and there is nobody waiting for me), and if you listen to recordings related to the topic (eg. messages that are usually heard by PA in stations or in means of transport) and if you play with other people as possible dialogues (e.g.

not you oriented on the subway or need a) (taxi, and you should ask someone). Also will get much out of the time you spend to learn more about the place where you are going with your scholarship mec 2012, because you will help create more expectations tight. Anyway, any trip there are surprises and site for the small adventures; not only is it impossible to control all the factors in advance, but that doing so would remove him very charming. And a golden rule: try to always go without haste, with time to spare to reach. Now that you have in your hands a scholarship mec, should not forget that something essential to you by rushing, or make that mistake of line or boarding gate. Good luck!