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Obeid produces Suchmaschinencontent and optimized the targeting to be found in the world wide web you must be on the result lists of search engines in the upper pane. The rating in the search engines is influenced by publishing optimized lookup information on a large number of sites and portals effectively. The search engine marketing through online PR is an efficient and consistent measure. A proven means to achieve a good visibility and placement with new brands, spin offs, or projects without big time. Utilizing a wide range of subject and audience-based articles offers a proactive participation of the own company presentation and the expansion of the target groups. In addition press portals pass their news on the Internet at their own press Distributor and set messages are recorded search engines and multipliers, mentioned by other portals, and published. With arguments, not only content, but also a real topicality and a reciprocal link on your own website, article form Reputation value. A related site: Dalton Caldwell mentions similar findings. Another advantage is the archiving of articles and the right usability related.

Actually, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) give away still this possibility to optimise its RADIUS in terms of the target group and thus to increase their competitiveness. F. Alexander Kep, head of media sales of Obeid KG from Frankfurt/Main, to the topic of search engine marketing and optimization of the range: especially durable and sustainable effects for the branding and profiling on the Web can use viral press marketing to generate. Obeid offers real, cost-effective added value through the manual setting of suchmaschinenenoptimierten texts on press portals on the Internet. With subject and target group relevant keywords can be targeted press releases. Because only who will be found on the Internet is present”. To ensure a comprehensive and effective PR dialogue with customers and prospects, Obeid offers in its portfolio of service all viral PR resources and further Services for the modern SMM. Further information about the search engine marketing (SEM) and viral public relations by Obeid is available at the Internet address OMEGO_PR.pdf press contact: F. Alexander Kep (head of media sales) Obeid KG Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 333 66 E-Mail: XING: profile/FAlexander_Kep2