Strategical Renumerations

Posted by Sylia on

He will be that the entrepreneurs and executives of command line are moved by the strategical remunerations, in other words, money? I think that not! It is not only the money that lights the flame of the motivation, are the actions simpler than he can make with that the employees produce how much they can produce, each one inside of its limitations. The sector of Relations Human beings for Trabalho (RH) needs to work strategically for the employees lined up the organizacionais strategies. Now, if the organization ' ' acha' ' that the RH has that to work for attendance of its subjetividades, much is not had that to make, who goes to lose in productivity and quality she is the proper company. The strategical work to be adopted by the RHs is to identify to the necessities human beings, fitting the organizations to the strategy to take care of such necessities, or not. But, as to be strategical with the volume of work tax to the RH? This is the type of question that more I listen in the places for where step.

The lack of administration of the time makes with that the people if lose between making its daily tasks and of being strategical. The companies come passing for deep changes in all the activity branches what she demands new forms to think and to reward people. Some organizations already had modernized and adopted forms work modern. The celurizao, multifunctionality of professionals and enxugamento of the hierarchic levels, already are an advanced form of contribution, not fitting the old models based on descriptions of activities with definitions of responsibility levels, leadership, capacity to solve problems, etc. Still exist another paradigm to be broken, as much in the modern companies as in whom they search modernity and, in that, still, do not believe that modernity is success factor.