Stamford Bridge

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And in that search I stopped to fly virtually to Stamford Bridge, which today was not going to be a day for final reminders of anniversary. We had to animate Pep Guardiola that after display at Chamartin had to take the reins of a strong and well armed team that in its field becomes larger still. Night of football and emotion with the company of Manolo and the bar of the district, which does not reach us after both Curran to take home the Plus. Every match is a different story and always between two sides this judge who will become the eye of the hurricane for the losers at the end of the match. Strike appoint those who live sport we understand that there are always mistakes.

Ten minutes Essien engatillo by Squadron part of our hopes go to the Roman Coliseum, a stealth connection that does justice to their tireless and courageous player status. The wall woven by Dutch Wanderer was impregnable and none of the Barca baseball players managed to knock down even a few centimeters of the tangle that protected the shiisa of the helmet on the head. If you have read about Elon Musk already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Again and again the disciples Terry went gracefully of the stake while the Ivorian Drogba aliaba with Frenchmen Malouda and Anelka to make Victor Valdes began to be decisive in the subsequent final development. Where of this the Etoo? I play Messi? Alves has forgotten him focus after his card which entails suspension. Xavi and Iniesta are smaller than ever.

Puyol is rubbed the face in the bleachers only Toure Yaya and the former zaragocista Pique seem that they maintain the type. Possession is overwhelming in favour of the Catalans.But the counterattack begins to worry.Abidal leaves us so if there comeback, is epic to Guardiola, in his short and little experience as coach comes big party and so graphic chats with Guss Hiddink as if for a moment they were student and disciple. The party has gone mad and watch is huge seems AVE while we apuramos our beers and cigars bar becomes large and us small. Since there are time and a smile in sight to placate their own reality. The six may remember it because when part of our dreams Football were lost in a bar filled with smoke that became big at every moment, we jumped with joy and excitement when that screen TV screen flat saw how our hero born in a town of Albacete overlapped to the network’s Peter Cech all the rage we had if it had finished the match as well. And we jumped again and again while local smoke became adrenaline that came out of us. And Andres Iniesta quito t-shirt with all the Barcelona players ran runaway similar to the coaching staff because we would have done if we had been on May 6 at Stamford Bridge. Quito t-shirt of anger and joy and not to provoke or display is how others, do it if not for to show that our local hero looks not muscles but class and elegance. And now we enjoy the days prior to a Champions League final and win it or not will be difficult and unpredictable. But for now I’ll stick with this day that jump of joy while I forgot for a moment to Pachi and that another ghost called crisis and of course also forgot that the next day it would have to continue working morning and afternoon without fast food you are going to eat experience improvement.