Special Edition ICPN

High resistance detection and diversity distinguishes the arrangement and production. The gaggle of ideas and artistic The great strengths of the album of a special pop group are adventure. Source: Emi Music tracklisting 1 Russian Doll (radio edit) 2. brother drink and 4 Russian soul 5 Let’s celebrate 3rd Anna Maria (radio edit). The longing ass In the game WINS after Russia Nastassja 6 7. Strogoffs bar 8 Moscow at night 9 Tsar ball 10 Natasha dance 11. The Tsar and the girl 12 Red Moon over the taiga 13 Russian dolls (Symphony) 14. Barclays is open to suggestions. Our Earth single fact: hit fire / our Earth the Group hit fire stands for exceptional music, individual interpretations, and strikingly designed garments.

Paired with natural charisma and pleasant charm, the newcomers enrich the image in the Schlager genre. After their cult hit Russian dolls”, hit fire now emit a different musical character. “With the title our Earth” appeals to the Stuttgart, four man Group on more togetherness and humanity. Their message to the world is to both draw attention to the essential as well as the Act request. To do this hit fire: To protect of our Earth, all life and nature, we need a return to God, a reflection on the Earth and each other to reach out to all fellow human beings. “Everything on earth we is very precious, get it for our future generations.” our Earth “is a stunning ballad with compelling content. With modified theme and new timbre, hit fire open up another chapter their still young career. He presents in the course of the preliminary decision to the Grand Prix which composed title, is folk music on May 21, 2009 in the ZDF by Klaus Jurgen Jakob (vocals), Rudiger Gerndt (bass and guitar), Zoran Stipic (guitar) and Enrico Feix (keyboards). Source: Emi music more info under: artist: hit fire title: Russian dolls – Special Edition ICPN: 50999 6994402 4 release date: 15.05.09