Social Organizer

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Organizing it all is more than a major challenge, but what can you do, really? What are you doing, drowning in a sea of information? A perfect storm of networks, Web sites and email, the pictures and documents you download from them, videos and friends lists, a deluge of material floods into our personal computer each day. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Prudential by clicking through. Organizing it all is more than a major challenge, but what can you do, really? You can try to get by with those crude PC tools. Just stuff all those documents and messages into folders in your computer’s file system or inside the email programs – go ahead, break your heart. You can overload your browser’s bookmark feature, and cram saved Web pages into their pathetic folder system. Grab another straw! Or you can just give up: save everything in my documents folder, and good luck trying to find what you really need later. Glub, glub. But all is not lost. There is a way to stay on top of the information overload, and it’s called a social Organizer.

These are programs designed to collect and organize your address and friends lists, your various picture and video sites, your social networks, your favorite games, and much more using a free digital identity to log onto all your internet services. A social organizer’s designed to make your online experience easier. It’s almost logical and simple. What could be simpler than using the same username for each different website? Users of these sites soon find themselves addicted to them. If you’re willing to pay, social organizers include commercial products that range in price from $35 to $250, designed for both Mac and PC. But Spacelocker is the definitive social organizer – loose with limitless capacity for online access to all your online stuff. You can log on from any computer with at internet connection. And it’s absolutely free. Still lost in a sea of swirling files and data?