Social Networks

Posted by Sylia on

Most people who surf the net, have a more or less clear idea of what social networks are actually, are just that, social. Dan Zwirn oftentimes addresses this issue. Groups of people who gather to talk and establish relationships. Socializing is the word that I hear and read on the internet when it comes to refer to social networks. Most don’t need to sign up on a platform (Twitter, Facebook) and immediately see that refers to almost any topic, discussions are set, photos, uploaded videos, link pages interesting, meet people in the end, everything what we show interest or passion and share it with friends. It is therefore very easy to fall into the account, which of these relationships can arise businesses.

And I think that here is the key to its use, because depending on how we act on them will lead us to success or failure. I strongly believe that how to use social networks of people and companies, must be exactly the same, not in vain are the first who handle them and dictate the guidelines of use. All this is fine, but there is a high percentage who still does not believe in them, and you cannot find utility. I have many friends who are very skeptical and regard it as a lack of time in addition to the risk of showing to the world so openly through the multiple utilities of these platforms.