Social Conflict

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As our consultant of Social Anthropology says to us to read these news one remains partly with the idea that all we are individualized beings but we comprised of that undifferentiated flock of ewes, because the announcements or the industry or the powers they see us like that. We hope that in the future, we reflect also, how she is that the people we resisted and we looked for alternatives this ideology of consumption that makes us think that with effort and discipline we are going to prevail. The discursivos psychologists and psychologists are social psychologists that considered like a text studies social reality, and there is nothing no better than to compare as the news construct realities in this case of two sectors of being able different, although men and women pertaining are constructed by to world of the knowledge, including also the absences of the news. We also observe that the premises of the values and the certainties of the illustration have been changed and are changing not based on the objectivity of Science but of the subjectivity of the Scientist or the man of the knowledge that works for somebody in particular. In spite of the different definitions of the speech and both periodic chosen with different conceptions on its analysis, no of them can try to be the definitive one (Relativizacin). Each satisfies the own preoccupations with los/as distintos/as autores/as and emphasizes different aspects. Each newspaper puts the accent in the interest in as the people they construct the reality, (in which they hope that they tell them), very consider the type of language to construct the reality and know that the understanding is a fundamental factor in the social task, that is to say, try to annul or to relativize the individual psychological slight knowledge and turn the language into a speech that contributes to the Order or the Social Conflict, because they use the words to construct intentions and to obtain certain consequences: promises, threats : the speech constructs to our lived reality said Weherell and Potter 1,996 Thank heavens, that some readers (who are to the service neither by wage nor by ideals do not transcribe it at least thus) reasons for the reflection have abstracted us of the speech of newspapers having given us and the consideration and not always the social thing is dominated brings back to consciousness individual. .