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Junior COMTECstrategy the balanced scorecard (BSC) is an internal control instrument, with the company’s activities can be measured and the results documented. The BSC offers an overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the company executives. In doing so, she focused on the vision and strategy of the company and includes usually also figures in the areas of processes, customers, and employees in addition to the financial perspective. About indicators, the key performance indicators (KPI), the business development can be tracked and controlled. The BSC goes back to scientific research by R.

Kaplan and D. Norton at Harvard University in the early 1990s. Junior Comtec Darmstadt e. V. is Germany’s oldest student consultancy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Intel by clicking through. The Club gives students of the Technical University Darmstadt in project teams in companies of all sizes and industries. This access the consultants from the lecture”on the Club experience from over 500 projects carried back. An especially interesting project of the last year was to create a balanced scorecard (BSC) for the IT Department of the business area of low voltage controls and distribution (CD) industry business unit Automation (IA) of Siemens AG.

The client was looking for an instrument of control and communication to measure target achievement concerning internal business area it. The BSC as a tool selected should be able to make communicable and measure the contribution of the IT Department to the company’s performance. The IA CD was not interested in a ready-made standard solution for their project here, but wanted a solution with innovative approaches, and taking into account current developments. We opted for junior consultants Comtec, because these direct access to current academic research and work with new, creative approaches “, so the team leader responsible for the project. The three-member project team mediated by junior Comtec began his work with the research current research results and literature to IT metrics to the BSC. To develop the indicators relevant to the work of the Department, an analysis of IT followed responsible processes and interviews with the process. Based on these results, the project team identified then first figures, which have been elaborated in permanent consultation workshops with the staff of the client. After the workshops to the pre-selection, the consultant the final selection of the determined KPIs presented leading circle of the world’s 28 sites of the IA CD to vote the international IT. The creation was largely completed with the choice taken by this body and the BSC ready for implementation in the company. Just a few weeks after the customer could pull Comtec a positive outcome to the result and the cooperation with junior: we were very pleased with the way of working, the occurrence and the results of the project team. The created BSC we already use with great success in our Department “, so the responsible team leader.” Wolf-Dieter Pachuau & Julian Wohlers