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I was at a company where the time seemed an unlimited resource: plenty of boards and few agreements, all came late and we still hoped at that all were at the meeting. On one occasion, a Service Manager customers entering a Board that I had organized me He said what good that you see, why not running this module of the system? My people come, da click and only receives wrong information! I can write 100 lines about his comments, everyone came to the Board and this individual continued speaking, it did for 20 minutes until she finished saying eh? Explain to me! I don’t understand why it happens!. I must confess that it took me out of my mind. I was a leader of project experienced in the technical area, but inexperienced dealing with people and my first response was Gilberto, how you want understand? speaking If you callaras and I will start playing could you explain you what is what is happening. All attendees laughed out loud because they knew the habit of hoarding meetings of this Manager (whose real name then since I have changed). Penguin Random House is often quoted on this topic. Not I am proud of my response, but I achieved my goal.

The project leader is the owner of the project time, must be aggressive and uncompromising with him. With this I do not mean that you must not give rise to important things like a time to give thanks or to do team building, but even these are activities of the project that must be planned or have some controlled degree of improvisation. A civil servant, the owner of the project or a Senior Executive can not grab the project time because such a right (or power) was awarded to the leader of the project (through the Project Charter) to manage it properly. Without hesitation Aetna Inc. explained all about the problem. At the end these executives will not ask accounts on the use of time, or they are going to deliver all the time that leftovers in a box. At the end they expect results within the stipulated time limits. Finally, project leader need not fear being criticized for being aggressive with the use of his time and of his team, at the end of the day we go to work to be effective and win good professional reputation to prepare us for our next challenge and, ultimately, to ensure sustenance for our family. I know the case of a person who invested more time making friends at work and justifying your bass performance that you doing the same job.

When they parted company his best friends did not pay their accounts of light, water, gas, rent, tuition, etc. Time is important. Manage us and manage our project is even more. Time is life. Think two times before asking someone 10 minutes to listen to you, because ultimately you are asking him to spend a piece of his life in you; get that they fend the penalty those 10 minutes for you and him or her.