Sacred Fraternity

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It is what if manifest in the Cntico of the Brother Sun, composition for the Serfico Father, as elucidates estrofe, after that: ' ' Praised you are mine Sir,/with all Your creatures/especially, with Mr. brother sun,/which is day, and for it in the alumias. /And it is beautiful radiating e,/with great esplendor,/of You, Highest, is sinal' ' (FRANCISCO, 1999, p.242). The Pobrezinho de Assis has purificados and sensible eyes, in a cristolgica perspective, seeing the signals of God in Its creatures. Thus, in the universal fraternity the creatures are our sisters, because also we, people human beings, also are creatures, however the creatures are well quistas because, to its way, they reflect attributes of the proper God. From there she designates Blessed Pope XVI, in the exhortation after-sinodal Verbum Domini (2010, P.

20-21): ' ' It is proper the Sacred writing that invites in them to know the Creator, observing the creation (cf.: Sb 13,5; Rm 1, 19-20). The tradition of the Christian thought knew to deepen this element-key of the symphony of the Word, when, for example They are Boaventura? what, together with the great tradition of the Greek Priests, sees all the possibilities of the creation in the Logos? it affirms that? each creature is word of God, because God proclaims? ' '. Invited to live the universal fraternity, the first reason of the respect to the creation are not the ambient campaigns, however, before everything, it is sensitivity and the respect for the Sacred one that the cosmological order is the trace of God keeping. 3 CHRISTIAN FRATERNITY What it constitutes the fraternity enters the disciples of Jesus Christ is the union in the fruitful faith that participants in the paschal mystery had made them Mr., by means of the sacrament of the baptism. Thus Pablo to the community of Rome writes apstolo (8,28-29): ' ' we know that God cooperates in everything to the good that they are called according to its design.