Russian TV Stations

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It's no secret that the central Russian television stations are not always truthful, sometimes not quite correct, highly politicized, and their air-time in general, is filled with commercial content, designed to interest by the mass consumer. The topic announced in the program "Gordon Quixote", aired April 3, 2009 was very unexpected, and interpretation of the theme – at least, one-sided and biased. The theme of this very untypical ORT for the transfer was an archaeological site, "Arch," which, allegedly, in the minds of many of our contemporaries is a "national idea of Russia." A small prehistory Open Country in 1987 towns is really the deepest interest by completely different people, from academics to activists, from politicians to adherents of different religions. Since its opening has been more than twenty years, but the craving for it is increasing. Each year the Arch attracts more visitors, including representatives of non-traditional religious denominations. About Arkaim expressed variety of opinions, sometimes contradictory, sometimes quite absurd, moreover, has the property of Arch stir people's minds, it is far from science. The increased attention of the general public and representatives of the so-called "neo-paganism" can be called one of the reasons found it difficult to process Arkaima recognition by official science. Magnetic attraction Arkaima effecting thousands people in the south of Chelyabinsk region has a real, underlying reason is understandable: in 1991, Arch visited an astrologer Tamara Globa. Her visit has received wide publicity, and media reports, quickly shot it on film Arkaim, and, moreover, publication of her notorious husband Pavel Globa generated enormous interest in this unexpected phenomenon in the scientific community of astrologers, psychics, "energy", "neo-pagans" of all stripes, which is extremely complicated life scientists working there.