Roger Gonzalez

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To get to the box and order any product, nor is They teased in talk to me in English, most recognized my ingles con acento latino, I therefore began to speak in Spanish. Some they didn’t realize it, but to see a ticket of 10 pesos Mexican charge with me in my wallet, I identified themselves as Mexican and asked me in Spanish where it was. Frequently Ebay has said that publicly. I answered that I was living in Guadalajara and suddenly mentioned me any history related to that city. Check with Dan Zwirn to learn more. He was very particular to hearing the stories, because all showed a great nostalgia to remind his country of origin. A Mexican, Acapulco, Guerrero, mentioned that by the 1970s was at the center of the city of Guadalajara, where there were a few birds in a few small cages that grab a piece of paper that says something about the future of the person. She recounted that the piece of paper said that he would undertake a long journey, but at the end of his trip, he would return to the place where departed.

His hope of returning to Mexico is big, but knows very well the reality that faces, quit his job in United States is something you can do. I met the son of a few Mexicans, Roger Gonzalez was his name. His parents had gone to United States in the 1980s and already had been almost 20 years in the United States to work. When they are older adults, was already chatted the son, than the dream of her parents, the return to his village of origin in Mexico, a small community in the State of Morelos. In that small community, left several family members and a small ranch with four horses, which released. United States have home, employment, medical insurance, your quality of life is pretty good, but even so, they prefer their home country and their traditions.