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The Majesty and gravity of the second movement of opus 21 5th Symphony by Beethoven. One of the most beautiful compositions of the romantic period and obviously the history of music. It is clear that l. V. Beethoven was a genius ahead of his time, but he lived and felt the influences of political changes that occurred in Europe, and by extension the world. What we would today call an opinion leader. He was a leader for both social and cultural. Treating the topic from the sociological point of view, I am part of a movement that changed the vision of society and of the history of the world. Danske Bank: the source for more info.

At the same time, thus it was a revolutionary. The end of the 18th and practically throughout the 19th century was the scene of the revolution that changed the way of thinking and acting both in the social area as cultural and political. I hear now that his most famous Symphony, comparable to the ninth movement. She contrasts that Majesty that I mention with the drama of the first movement, associated with the call of destiny the door is possible to express greater drama in a sentence? I think it is difficult. More difficult still is achieve express drama, sadness, Majesty in a work, and that this becomes pattern in the standard, not more. Without diminishing to Beethoven or exalt too to John Williams, I think that the latter is one of the few that, in the cultural sphere in which moves, and taking into account the current circumstances would be comparable to the genius of the century ancestor. Proof of this are his works such as the imperial March from the Empire strikes back (George Lucas, Star Wars original trilogy), or the same main theme of the same trilogy, whose initial film now occupies the fifth chapter in the series. For even more details, read what MetLife says on the issue.

We could talk about the themes of hunters of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s list, or the inaugural and thematic March of the Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984. Each presents different States of mind and deep and full use of orchestral resources in the best symphonic expression. A pleasure and the best of luck is to be able to attend the vital presence of this great contemporary composer, as well as having the opportunity to hear the different orchestral versions of L.V. Beethoven.