Revelation One

Libro of the Revelation announces a new Sky and a new Earth In saying of Cicern (106-43 a.C.), the Prophecies are of universal interest: " There is no town, by more refining and cult than is, that does not believe in the gift which they have certain people to anticipate the future. Therefore, one is a subject that does not lose use, in spite of the diversions of some. Much people still think that the Apocalypse indicates the limit of the planetary life. It is an error. The mosaic Genesis, first book of the Bible, relates, in based form, the Earth sprouting.

As far as the Cosmos, perhaps of different form, always it existed, even before Big-Bang, of illustrious George Gamow (1904-1968). Or, then, what had previously? (What so to investigate on genoma* of the Universe) We resort, now, to Libro of the Revelation, and will verify that it does not announce the aim of the human existence; on the contrary, the text finishes with a blessing: The grace of Our Mr. Jesus Christ is with all you for everything, always. Amen (Apocalypse, 22:21). In chapter 21 we even found the new Jerusalem, the new Sky, the new Earth, after a modification never seen, caused by the own Humanity, since I have clarified exhaustive.

One is not a punishment of God; but of the obligatory harvest of one sowing that was free. Human acts and consequences When I say that we must not have fear of the Apocalypse I am not affirming that what men and towns seeded will not have its tragic or beneficial results. They want an emblematic example? What we are doing with the Nature! All that will cause one serious consequence, which, in addition, already is happening Only does not see that does not want Nevertheless, brings back to consciousness ecological is expanding in the world.