Relationship Between Depression And Vision

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Advances in depression research estimated that several million people in Germany suffer a depression. Depression is the most common mental illnesses. The private insurance Portal presents new findings of experts in this field. Many people are dependent on Visual AIDS, for example due to short or long sightedness, or other constraints. Research now suggests that impairment of vision on depression may be due. Changing perceptions of the person concerned is therefore not only with their minds, but circumstances with an actual weakening of their eyesight. The researchers suggest that this is caused by the low dopamine, which is characteristic of depression. Both sick and healthy people using a so-called Elektroretinogramms were examined in the context of the research.

This procedure measure the voltages in the eyeball. The researchers show the test persons flickering checkerboard pattern, gradually reducing the black-white contrast. Sudden changes of images, certain cells in the retina send signals which are measured and recorded using electrodes. Curves, determine the intensity of the signal can be read result from these records. It was noted that the curves of diseased subjects in comparison with those of healthy subjects in the initial flickering black and white contrasts less knocked out, indicating a weakness in the contrast detection. The travels of the curve were lower, the heavier the person concerned suffered from depression. Now, the researchers hope that it will be possible by using such measurements, to capture the particular extent of disease and to represent. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann