Rafting In Turkey

Even some well-known fact – Turkey has some excellent rivers for rafting, including one that is rated professional rafters as one of the ten largest in the world. Rafting – an excellent example of a holiday in Turkey. Each raft, which carries 4-8 people, is under the complete control of a professional guide. You, the crew, paddle in accordance with the instructions and, like magic, the boat goes exactly where it's supposed to. All that required of you will be able to swim, and be ready a little wet feet:)! You are equipped with a life vest and helmet, and if the weather is pretty cool, jackets, suits you will be given.

After the briefing with the leadership, you are ready to conquer the rapids, taking over the fast river Turkish as well as the contemplation of the beauty of the mountain scenery passing quiet stretch of river. If you have a trip to Turkey and you go in this country must try raftin, as He is a great way to see different aspects of this country that most visitors never see or may not. Routes are usually in remote areas. The locals will welcome you friendly cheers, and you have the chance to study more closely with the local way of life and kollorita. For those who are new to the sport, it is probably best to try one day tour as a taster. Once you get the error already There are tours, weekend trips from one week long. Rivers that are commercially rafted in Turkey include: The Dalaman River (Turkey SW, near Marmaris, Fethiye and Dalyan) class 3-4, April – October. There is also a section of the 5th class, which runs April through July. One night and day camping trips in the Koprulu River, near Antalya – grade 3, April – October One day trips in Coruh River, north-east Turkey – grade 5 and May 4 – July 4 and 8 days travel, camping in Zamanti River, near Cappadocia – grade 3, one day trips (Rivers evaluated on the international scale of 1 to 6, '1 'flat water, 6 impassable rapids!) If you do not already know by hearsay that is raftig or even if you inexperienced in this matter chelok, it's time to try rafting in Turkey.