Process Inbox

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The basic principle of GTD is pay attention to what already has your attention. Only by doing this you will be able to unlock it to be able to devote to other things. If your attention is dispersed, if you’re not concentrate on what you’re doing at that moment, you will never have a mind like water and it will be difficult to give you up to your maximum potential. Why GTD is a methodology that seeks to provide control and perspective, so you can enjoy that formed intuition that lets you decide with confidence, at every time, what to do and what not to processing in GTD Inbox requires no hours, or much less. Even with a very high volume of emails a day, say 300 per put a figure, we would be talking about less than one hour a day. Less than an hour to have your Inbox under absolute control! Yes, it is true, the Inbox will be filled as soon empty it. So are things. But also usually comes despite knowing that you’ll be hungry in a few hours, no? Process Inbox in GTD is not what people usually call processing.

Processing is not done. It is simply whet emails one by one, starting with the first and ending with the last, and for each one to decide if that email required to make something with it or not. If you don’t need do anything with, so you can pull, archive or leave incubating for more later in your list some day/maybe time. If we need to do something with him, and is going to take less than 2 minutes to do it. If you’re going to take more than 2 minutes, look to see if you can delegate and delegate it, and if you can’t, write down what you have to do with the your next actions list or in your agenda, to make it more later. I get enough email, close to 200 emails daily. In the past I have come to receive more than twice. Since use GTD I can assure you that my Inbox is zero three times a day and I spend no more than 10 seconds on average to process a message, i.e., a total of half an hour a day to process the Inbox, 10 minutes everytime processing to monitor productivity. I have absolute certainty of knowing what you mean my decisions when I decide what I do and should not do, with the comfort of knowing there is no pump hidden in my Inbox that’s going to change to explode when less hope.