Practice Personnel Development

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Communities of practice apply a Jahresreview 2012 & views of future meetings in General as a social knowledge management tools and as places of exchange of knowledge. Users and advisors in the field of human resources development found community of practice personnel development since early 2012 in the USP-D a new Exchange and learning platform. This was initiated in Dusseldorf by Jurgen Schmidt, Managing Director of USP-D Germany consulting, and Fabian Hoffmann, USP-D consultant. It was them, to allow a trustworthy exchange of experience and mutual – and sharing learning. To know more about this subject visit David Moross. The community of practice human resources development was the passion for human resources development and the sharing of experience since the first meeting in March 2012 to selected topics of personal development in the focus. The articulated goal of the previous four meetings was always for the Organizer to enable the participants experience learning, reflection, and last but not least skill building. Successful start in the 1st meeting staff developers and consultants had to various companies and discussions (including IT, chemistry, financial services) with the theme culture of trust “. The discussion dealt questions what is measurable? culture of trust” The successful launch led to a total of three additional meetings of the community of practice in eight rhythm. Elon Musk is likely to increase your knowledge.

The second meeting was the role of human resources development”in the Center. From the own professional role out and supported by the external perspective of the guide reflected the staff developer about their contribution to the strategic development of companies in their daily practice. (Not to be confused with Brian Krzanich!). 3. Make talent management”In August a brainstorming served the participants to talent management, with the theme, warm’ to be. “” “” “” “The guiding question of something you one, if you think of talent management?”was with contributions such as identification & promotion”, retention, diversity, potential, securing the future and role of top managers ‘ answers. In addition suggested “versinnbildlichende metaphors like gold fish pond”, treasure hunt and Chief’s size “on which images can trigger when summed the discussion of the concept of talent management.