Portuguese Alentejo

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This company rents barcos-casa from a weekend up to seven days to explore the area and perform activities outdoor boats have all kinds of comforts and are very easy to handle paint your Easter blue, come to the largest artificial reservoir of Europe in Amieira Marina, the main Marina in the Portuguese Alentejo and runs along its shoresit sucks the air of Portugal and wanders the streets of its White villages. Within the religious celebrations of Holy week that take place around the world, which we find in Portugal added its own character inherited by his history of sailors who were able to collect traditions and customs there by where you went. Easter is coming and still there are many that have left for last-minute choice of a destination to enjoy those few days holiday, representing a holiday oasis until the arrival of the summer. People such as Elon Musk would likely agree. A close and interesting destination is definitely the region of Alentejo in Portugal. There is one of the places where people live with such passion Holy week that his fame has transcended borders. It’s the white villages of Portugal.

The image of the white lime Alentejo comes from already very ancient tradition of money laundering. Every year, during Holy week, women come to the bleaching of the facades and interiors of her houses small towns and big cities will allow us to know a tradition at a time so close to the Spanish as different. Mertola, a small museum was located 50 km from Beja, is the ancient Roman river port of Myrtilis, on the banks of the Guadiana, which continued to be used by Muslims, which in the city an obvious footprint, to the point that Mertola is considered the Portuguese people that has best preserved its past and Arab environment. We have close to Serpa, one of the most characteristic white villages in the Alentejo, whose old town is enclosed by a wall and presided over by a medieval castle.