Permanent Hair Removal Results

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Nothing is more cumbersome than fast-growing hair. The history of beauty is pervaded by an effort to create the hair in many places of the body. Of course there was and at all nothing against beautiful hair on the head. On the contrary, it has formed even a large industry, only with the aim, in particular men to get back her hair. But on many other body hair are now once everything else as desired.

In the course of history different methods have emerged, as you can remove these hairs from the body. These methods have advantages and disadvantages. The method of shaving is quite popular in many cultures. It runs a sharp blade directly over the skin along. Should hair against this sword stand, they are clipped directly on the surface of the skin. This method is very common, because it’s very easy to perform. But at the same time, it has two major drawbacks. The leads do not cause permanent Results.

The hair is growing back again within a few hours, or within a few days. Shaving must then be repeated. Also dragging the blade over the skin is not without disadvantages for the skin itself. Because it is often microscopic abrasions that then become visible red spots. Then you have a hair-free body though, but is equipped with ugly red stripes. Learn more on the subject from Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq. The method of growing is also very popular. Here we differentiated between cold wax and hot wax, but the principle is the same. With hot wax warm wax on the body parts to depilated is brought. Cold wax is cold wax, what the procedure more comfortable doing something, but is usually much less effective. Once the wax has cooled down completely, it will be deducted from the skin. The hair wrapped by the wax are torn it from the skin. This method provides results that about 2 to 3 weeks ensure hair-free, although but is very painful. A better method is the IPL hair removal Dar. This method in the market was introduced about 20 years ago. Initially she could be taken but only the upper ten thousand claim, since she could be performed only in expensive Studio treatments. Today, there are IPL devices for use in your own four walls, which cost only a few hundred euros. For more information about these new IPL devices can you see for example here and experience reports. The benefits of the IPL method are that they permanently rid the skin of hair without pain. Thus it is always properly prepared for any situation so spontaneous.