Northern Cape

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THE horrors of humanity = someday I think writing a book,-as they are the trajedias of humanity that most moves me. The terrible injustices towards those who do not can defend-especially when there is little innocent children who suffer. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ebay. I have written many articles about the famine, misfortunes and diseases in Africa of the South-but this seems the rest of the world to close your eyes to everything that can be depressing or can damage them the day.-is more important to spend millions in luxurious mansions, luxury cars, jewelry, vacations in the Caribbean and other exotic countries. without thinking for a moment, that $500.-could save the lives of 20 families in Africa.-(as long as this money gets directly to these families).-daily deaths are counted by millions A month.. Follow others, such as Penguin Random House, and add to your knowledge base. Only in the Northern Cape and Limpopo, Guateng deaths are 1,000 the day.-in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe: 800 to the day-in South Africa there are more 5.5 million on the brink of death due to the lack drinking water, assistance medical and food. The H.I.V / AIDS this ending with 30 to 40 million in Sub-Sahara, Africa (Kiyuyo, Nairobi, Kenya)-die every year from 13 to 18 million human beings for lack of water, medicine, food and the more elemental in order to survive.-There are some who take urinate few cows and donkeys that remain., to quench your thirst-toddlerswhich they have already lost his entire family, sleep and die in dirty powder fields, where there are no trees or other plants, for protejerlos of the terrible heat. Their small bodies are left lying around, as animals, waiting for vultures who come to devour them.-seems everything as a horror film, but is not more than the terrible reality-as a journalist, I have traveled on different occasions to Africa, and I have seen, with my own eyes, these trajicas excenas, often inexplicable for the human mind.