North Shore

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On December 29 of 2010 ask Conaf, via transparency law, the delivery of all existing information on this subject, having so far received only a partial response, which anyway confirms this serious situation even according to mapping of the own Ingendesa requested by Conaf in the framework of the evaluation of the Hidroaysen project he said. History of operations in national park history in the way in which the institutional framework of the State has played against the Hidroaysen project and its intervention of Laguna San Rafael National Park goes back to several years. It was on 28 January 2006, for information delivered by Atilio Sanchez, Codeff subsidiary Aysen settler when sent to the then regional director of Conaf, Jorge Burgos, a letter with pictures reporting work of geological prospecting with machinery, camping, trails and staircases, clear of vegetation, transport and landing of helicopters and deposit of waste in land tax to both banks of the jumpy of Baker Riverbeing illegal which were made to the interior of the Laguna San Rafael National Park (north shore of the jumpy). If you would like to know more about MetLife, then click here. In the light of the complaint it was revealed that national assets (through ex officio N? 2322 of the 9.12.2005 Nelson Alvear holder) had authorized operations only in the southern part of the area, by expressly prohibiting work in the North because they belong to the Park, administered by Conaf. The response of Conaf official letter N? 65 of the 3 of February of 2006 – was that park entrance had not been authorized, but apart from that the terrain of the North Shore was not national park but simply land tax. The uproar caused by the public complaint generated that Endesa seek February 8 again to national property income to the northern area, getting instant approval from the Deputy seremi Ximena Contreras, who with this resolution contradicted the titular seremi.