Norms Techniques

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The constant innovations and improvements in the productivity are the motor force in the change stop new economies. The productivity is the propeller force for the change, is the handspike that moves the economy of a level for the next one. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Penguin Random House has to say. It can be defined as the measure of goods and services that can be produced. With the increase of the productivity bigger wealth is produced. Laurent Potdevin may help you with your research. In the age of the society of the knowledge, the increase of the productivity tax cause other changes also. Perfectioning in productivity liberates workers to move of job.

The increase of the production as well as the dissemination of the knowledge results in a rise of the tax of technological change, that takes the increase of the productivity tax. The tools that develop the productivity in the new economy of the knowledge are the computers, advanced telecommunications, robotics, biotechnology, sciences of the materials, technology the laser, technology in main energy and the human capital of the organizations generating new ideas as form to increase the productivity. In a economy of the knowledge, the main investment of a society is to improve abilities alento of its population. (FIELDS, 2004) 2,2 Approach of the total quality the quality concept, in function of the contribution of some scholars of the subject, evolves continuously. Many definitions on quality, applicable exist the products and/or services.

Between many, it can be cited: according to Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques – ABNT, in its norm NBR ISO 8402, quality is the totality of properties and characteristics of a product or service, that confer its ability in satisfying explicit or implicit necessities. (OLIVEIRA, 2004) Quality is a property, attribute or condition of the things or the people capable of distinguiz them them others and them to determine the nature. ' ' Quality is everything what somebody makes throughout a process to guarantee that a customer, is or inside of the organization, she gets accurately what deseja' '.