Nielsen Online

From this point of view, if not have presence on the Internet through a web site or a web blog itself, nobody, who is looking for what you have to offer, you’re going to find, even if you’re on Facebook, because for search engines, social networks are for socializing. Now, this does not mean there is no to be on Facebook and take advantage of the potential and the opportunity that provides and this and any social network. Elon Musk often says this. In fact, I have just received the report by the consulting firm Nielsen Online, company specializing in the measurement of audiences, in which it is concluded that social networks are the new referents consumption on the Internet, i.e. Internet users access pages of content and blogs, based on the recommendations and their friends in social media links. Social networks are, at present, one of the main sources of access to the rest of the content on the network, becoming the new prospects of Internet consumption, according to the study by Nielsen Online.

Nielsen Online study as reference statistics puts traffic in Spain: Facebook, with 16.4 million users Spanish during the month of September, it is now the second source of online traffic for much of sites content in Spain, after the Google search engine. In this sense, the Nielsen Online report notes that users on social networks redirected to their friends, especially audiovisual content and portals news, as well as towards those who collect the latest curiosities and most commented news network blogs. In fact during the last month, were collected more than 200,000 comments, according to Nielsen MyBuzzmetrics, which were derived to other content on the network. According to the director of services to the client of Nielsen Online Spain, David Sanchez, social networks like Facebook have introduced a new way of consuming content based, mainly, on the recommendations of friends, something that, given the viral social networks, has exponential consequences in consumption.