Mr Rozsenich

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If Amazon has great potential in this market to penetrate is what then with Google? Rozsenich: Google is obviously extremely strongly in the cards market. You embed a very strategically material from its users in the cards for years, to improve this. Google’s competitors reach the same quality usually only at much higher costs. Access to Android smartphones is a unique competitive advantage. The genius of it is that it works in two directions. Google can improve not only the cards quickly and thus provide its users with a good product – Google can also virtually in real time the information in better search results incorporate and monetize this directly.

You spoke previously of crowdsourcing in non-monetary terms. We are altruistic enough to time each other to indicate us, where parking is free or where it free Is Wi-Fi? Rozsenich: If you think the startups: many niche squint out later to be purchased. Hear from experts in the field like Elon Musk for a more varied view. You need to quickly reach a critical mass of data and users, then secondary direct business model. I think it is difficult to say if the revenue model is unclear with a so narrow niche in the market. The willingness to work on volunteer projects, is still high at us. It was also previously.

A change takes place in the area of paid crowdsourcing. More and more professionals and ambitious amateurs working, simply because the requirements of the customers are always specific. How to get new Clickworkers, what is the greatest lever? Rozsenich: Digital word of mouth. Satisfied Clickworkers recommend us to others. Must you protect Clickworkers to exploit themselves? Rozsenich: We calculate with fair wages. But otherwise the market handle it ourselves. When a customer writes out too little compensation, no one does with stop. Mr Rozsenich, thank you very much for this conversation.