Modern World

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Indeed, the modern world or first world filled the land of garbage, toxic, radioactivity, of death, of blood. The air of mother earth is stale, dirty and polluted; being responsible for a myriad of diseases. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Brian Krzanich. Up to a hundred years ago the mother earth contained almost 90% of natural, healthy and profitable elements; but man (non-indigenous), who is considered to be ruler of the world, practically wiped out everything; at present, that is why the most optimistic argue that there is still a 15% of natural resources; Whereas, the most realistic claim that already only subtracts 10% of those resources; Hence the prognosis of human life on Earth other than the most optimistic and auspicious. That is the great difference between the worldview of the civilized man and the native man (indigenous, native, native, Indian)!, that – far from promoting the destruction of habitat – focused, at all times, to study, learn, respect and protect the mysteries of the natural world. I know that it would be up to absurd pose, even if it is a magical hypothesis, for example a world ruled by the native man. The situation of today’s world would be diametrically opposed and – if that hypothesis were possible – would conclude in a wise and unquestionable thesis: originating man respects to mother earth, the protects values, and rationally use their products; Therefore, being the Manager of the world, Earth never had reached the calamitous state that is currently. I think – from that view point – bad Earth children, neglected it, abused it and wounded her death. These are bad children who never appreciated the beauty of our mother earth expressed in beautiful and colorful flowers in the soft and sonorous murmur of the waters of streams and rivers, in the harmonious and free of birds flight; or in the fresh breeze of the winds. .