His memory forever rises to Heaven until his return. Towards Ala… ..Perhaps there is no testimony more ardent worship in monotheism than of the rigor of the people of Islam, Pilgrim towards the imperative encounter in search of wing by actual or symbolic desert. That faith is that of Abraham, the father of faith and friend in search and constant dialogue with God. The Lamb of Passover that takes place strictly under the Moon of Easter, suggests this silhouette of the indelible image of the promised Messiah, waiting with persistence ancestral.

It is the chosen people and Jesus said, health comes from the Jews of the town of Israel. With this final Haiku I wish to refer to the teaching of wisdom, that immense truth that recite the Psalms, that the heavens proclaim the glory of God. This being much more eloquent than a voice human, God, speaking of himself by the universe that is his living. As a corollary I draw the metaphor of water and also the metamorphosis of the butterfly, wonders of the creator in our eyes. They seem to me an admirable way of an encounter with the invisible which becomes visible in its wonders, real or similar reminiscences which are the force of Pantheism that well understood not necessarily contravenes to monotheism uniting East and West knowing that in God we live we are moving and we exist and is present with his being in the being by essence presence and power. And all this in the musical context of the Haiku that is the smallness of the theme that his incredible Symphony made poetry flourishes.

Haiku (Synthetic dynamism) Metaphor of the sea water, rain and river, snow, ice and dew, two H, a, or. Metamorphosis of the insect monarch migrates, Larva, Chrysalis to Butterfly. The review thus is life: walk, roll, fly dies and walks. Only universal conscience in the world and everyone there in the man. Energy in action Combustion, fire, escaping the light and the universe.