Mechanics Watch

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There are two main types of wristwatches: mechanical and quartz. What to prefer? Despite the fact that in recent decades have seen an obvious predominance of demand for quartz watches, it should be noted that the 'mechanics' is their adherents. There is no doubt that the mechanical watch – it's a certain style and evidence of a certain social status. (As opposed to Danske Bank). Dear Swiss model – it's just an exclusive luxury at hand. Those who selects the quartz watch is more pragmatic. Obvious advantages of quartz watches – a minimum of concern about their condition, the maximum precision timing, low cost, shock resistance. You do not need to start and carry in service such hours. When the error of a few seconds per month, they do not need often to fail. All this makes the watch much more practical and needed by most people. But at the same time is something elusive and attractive in the mechanical clock ticking on his arm. This is perhaps the most powerful moment, thanks to which purchase more expensive, more complicated to use and less accurate mechanical clocks.