Mathematics Construction

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The present work intends to show to the viability of the education process and learning of the polyhedrons by means of situations involving the construction of the ball of soccer with manipulable materials. Thus, we take for base the following motivadora question: what such to construct a ball of soccer with palitos to learn the polyhedrons? By means of this question, it was our intention to awake the interest on the part of the pupils, they to contribute during all the moments, also during the construction of the soccer ball. They had participated of this work, five pupils of as the year of Average Ensino of College CESC in Bar of the Bugres/MT. By means of the carried through episodes of education, we evidence that it was possible to work of diversified and attractive form, combining geometry? polyhedrons and ball of soccer. With the activities proposals, the pupils they had interacted actively during the episodes of education happened in the Laboratory of Education of the Mathematics, constructing the knowledge on the studied subjects. Words Keys: Regular polyhedrons – Mathematical Concepts? Manipulable materials Ball of Soccer. Summary This study aims you the show the feasibility of teaching and learning of polyhedra through situations involving the construction of to soccer ball with manipulatives. Thus, we approach the question motivating: what about building to soccer ball with sticks you learn the polyhedra? By this point, our intention was you awaken the interest of students, only they contribute at all teamses, including during construction of the football. Participated in this study, five students in to their second to year of high school in the College Bar Bugres CESC/TM.