Marketing Principles

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MARKETING PRINCIPLES You have that to think as she will commercialize its products or services. Service is not enough to only have a good product/. Learn more at this site: Morgan Stanley. One remembers the last time that bought a periodical, a wallet of cigarettes or made a fast snack. Why it bought, specifically, this product/service? It was in the certain PLACE for you; It was back in the ALIAS PROCESS for you; It was to a certain PRICE for you; It was the certain PRODUTO/SERVIO for you and you WISE PERSON who it was there! He now thinks about the product or service that its business offers or that it plans to offer. It will be appropriate for its customers as well as, its last purchase was appropriate for you? Some entrepreneurs imagine that the product/service and its price are everything that interests! How you will inform to the people on its business? How much you can invest in Advertising? Where its probable customers if inform on the supplying sources for what they buy? They read periodicals, magazines, see TV, have access the Internet or listen to radio? They are knowing of products and services through friends and neighbors, or them they see in the establishments when pass? When (days and schedules) its probable customers prefer to make purchases? You will be able to take care of them in these days and schedules? Its customers will come until its business to buy of you? In case that negative, that ' ' canais' ' you will use for atingiz them? The wholesalers, peddlers, representatives, its proper salesmen, or what? How much he will cost to carry its merchandises until where are the people who will go to buy them? to pay the people who, effectively, make the sales (such as, wages, and/or allowance for expenses, commissions, etc)? You already included these costs in its price? What its customers think of you and of its salesmen (case its business is retail)? The customers trust and believe them? Contrary case as you will be able to improve its ' ' imagem' ' (that is, the impression that the people have on its business and on people it)? Reinaldo Consulting Mller of Marketing email: