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Why demand a growing? Primarily by the bad harvest in India (second largest producer and world’s first consumer), which will switch from exporter to a net importer. Mark Bertolini does not necessarily agree. Brazil is self-sufficient in oil since 2006, with the contribution of the sector of sugar cane which reached 14.6 per cent of the domestic supply of energy in that year. In 2008 it acquired assets of distribution and fuels and the manufacture and distribution of lubricants and fuels for Aviation of Esso in Brazil, including the Esso and Mobil brands. Get more good news for Cosan, which has just signed the first long-term contract to sell fuel alcohol to Japan, after having signed another, last year with Sweden, to supply its market of clean fuel. The contract was signed with the Mitsubishi company, and establishes the supply for the use of ETBE, which is an oxygenating agent in gasoline to achieve one cleaner combustion, without impacting performance. The contract sets a duration of three years, with volumes close to the 80 million liters per year. An important point of this agreement is the inclusion of sustainability items, which are already standard practice in Cosan, the director of the company, Mark Lyra said.

The contract is compliance requirements such as labor laws, the GHG reduction stove and respect for environmental standards. Sugar consumption will grow in the coming years due to the population increase and the world bid by the growing demand for cleaner than the derivatives of petroleum fuels. Sugar futures are growing since October 2008, when they listed below US$ 12 in New York, reaching the sugar contract yesterday unrefined for October to a maximum of three years at $18.48. The strength of Indian demand, and a poll by Reuters showed an average of forecasts of a deficit overall of 4.2 million tonnes in 2009/10, boosted demand for this contract. Many and increasing expectations (remember that it is the great force that moves the market) drive the value of the Brazilian company Cosan, we recommend it for the first time in March to US$ 2.38, which rose 200% in June reaching US$ 6,82 and whose last contribution on 23 July has been US $6.26 on the New York Stock Exchange. Do you know other companies with strong growth potential? By just $150 a year can access my recommendations each month. Until next Friday, Paola Pecora Paola Pecora is editor in Chief of Latinforme and since 1990 international markets trader and analyst. Surely often has crossed his mind the idea of investing money in the stock market.

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