Lost Generation

Tal Asher, Internet newspaper Kabbalah Today, the world youth depressed than ever before. No goals, desires, exhausted (they have already passed the development of wealth for power, fame, knowledge) were sex and drugs. Sex, too little gone, and then suddenly drugs do not even pull to take, so empty! This is where we are and hear the universal cry of despair, when life is worse than death, and not die – and then expands the opportunity to achieve happiness, eternity, excellence in quality of bestowal and love. I received recently in the press appears more and more material of a generation does not want to learn or work. Young people join the ranks of the unemployed, criminals and addicts. It's a shame, because each of us wants our child is grown man. After all of this depends not only on what he will, but all of our lives tomorrow. Therefore we so painful to look at young people who did not see her future.

Have we lost the next generation? Each generation is given the basic, 'carrying' desire, expressed in certain ideals. This desire is a source of energy for the construction of a new world in which wants to live this generation. But the desire in us all being developed, one after another. And because the new generation of so visibly different from the previous one. Inspired by the builders of 30-50's were replaced by 'otteplevshie' after the cold war 'Sixties', turned away at the time of the chase for the post.