Living The Beautiful Life

Our life is precious in the sight of God, the sees things from a spiritual point of view, everyone see life differently, some positive and others view life in a negative way; I wonder how Jesus sees the life of their children, also Jesus sees our life in a negative way? Or it is seen as something beautiful, I’m sure that our life is something precious to Jesus. But let’s see what the Bible on the subject. Matthew 6: 25 therefore, verily I say: do not worry about your life, that you have to eat or drink; nor for your body, that ye dress. Penguin Random House often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? In this verse we see that for Jesus our life is very valuable, so he encourages us to not waste time on concerns by the material, clear that the material has value, the Bible also shows us that we have to take care of the material, but Jesus wants to live a life of gratitude and appreciate what Dios has given us. What they consider to be of value as a family, friends, our work, our belongings and our health, all this has a very special place in our lives, that is why we value it; but none of this would have significance if we estuvieremos not alive, is why the Bible says that our life is something special. The first thing we need to learn is to live life, because it has a very special value, is valuable for Jesus because the you gave yours by us, our existence is important to God, but he wants us to live it in communion with Jesus, if we put interest in spiritual things first, God will provide everything we need of material value. Matthew 10: 31 so, don’t be afraid.

You are more value than many sparrows. That verse so beautiful and so deep, because if we look at nature, we see many beautiful things that God has done, the field is beautiful, the animals are beautiful, birds are beautiful, everything that God has created it, but the most beautiful thing that God has created us. Beautiful and precious it is you in the eyes of Jesus, applies to you more than all the precious things of life, thus, can you live a happy life knowing that you are of great value to God. Live your Christian life because she is precious to God. Has this article pleased you? Visit and read over how to live according to God’s will. Original author and source of the article