Klockner Bremen Chooses MicroStep Plasma Cutter

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With its large and comprehensive product range, as well as several thousand tons of steel, the leading steel and metal distributor Klockner in Bremen of his clientele has presents itself. Many visitors came on the day of that open door was the highlight of the day on May 20 at the factory in Bremen.Ein SPL-PA 27001.30 the presentation of the new MicroStep plasma cutting system. Kjellberg Finsterwalde plasma cutter has a powerful plasma source of HiFocus 440i of company. With a cutting capacity of up to 440 amps can be cut now at Klockner with plasma. ny/14275793.html’>Arena Investors!). The machine with a fully automatic gas cutter is equipped to handle even the hardest materials. On a surface of about 80 m branch office in Bremen is one of the world’s fastest and most powerful burning equipment available to the Klockner. Because of its sophisticated design, speeds of up to 50 metres per minute are possible. The plant, which is already in use, is for Materialstaken of up to 100mm in Designed sheet metal.

Impressively the team from Klockner could demonstrate the combined plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine Bremen in cooperation with employees of the company MicroStep. Andreas Kaiser, head of the sales department at MicroStep Europa GmbH said: “we could put a smile on the face even diehard owners of laser cutting machines, because the quality is more than approvingly recorded among visitors.” Another important highlight for many clients was the powerful suction of the table of the cutting installation. In conjunction with a Donaldson DFPRO 16 Cyclopeel extraction of the cutting table is always for the hardest works and dust. The cutting machine the Klockner branch office in Bremen is now clamped in two-shift operation. Klockner provides the entire steel processing industry in the North of Germany with the imposing site in Bremen. These include well respected shipyards such as the Meyer Werft in papenburg, Germany or the Lurssen shipyard in Bremen and other, large and small companies.