Kiev Property Sales

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"Our company has set its sights on increased consumer opportunities in the automotive sphere, as well as real estate. "Sell" is a weighty an innovation in the market. Many writers such as Mark Bertolini offer more in-depth analysis. The concept involves the transfer of only video display objects for sale. The first demonstration plots on the video portal has helped to sell one site. On the subsequent success of the project we will speak later, but for a start and tangible result "- said General Director of" Sharks TV "Vyacheslav Gudzevaty. "The first project" for sale "was created to save time, Kiev, who decided to buy an apartment or house.

With the advent of the Filed under the "PROAVTO" an opportunity to view a detailed video apartments, houses or land, "- said the commercial director of TV company" Kiev "Boris Tsomaya. Recall that the first step Company "Sharks TV" on the Ukrainian market is the project "PROAVTO." With the help of the eponymous TV show on TRK "Kyiv" Ukrainian consumers can set aside the numerous magazines on the automotive topics, including TV show "PROAVTO" and see all the relevant proposals to date, only in video format. In addition to high quality video showing the car from all angles, it is proposed or phone holder car dealership, for which the interested viewer can go without intermediaries. Statistics have shown that the demand exceeded the offer: 70% presented at auto shows and video on our site currently Completed it is through "PROAVTO." Especially easy to sell from the TV screen exclusive models and expensive brands of machines. Therefore, it is safe to say that the alternative count of auto sales and found. All of the factors, despite the crisis, saying the timely appearance of the program "PROAVTO" and column "Buy" from "Sharks TV". After all, it is now promising new ideas can help to sell, purchase in our difficult market conditions.