Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez

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After half an hour he was surrounded by police officers, arrived and Dr. Saul Urbina approached Regional Health Director, filled us with threats and not listened to us, shouted and screamed and said that He would order that the police, among so we decided to enclose it with key in your Office and we with him inside, virtually take hostage, called his lawyer who arrived immediately was Dr. Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez – former President of the Court – I spoke quietly to him, explained the reasons, we call them to reflection, to support, was a measure to draw attentionlistened to me, they understood they were quiet, and as journalists arrived at 10 am, we interviewed each who spoke about the problem, it was revealed that Lima had also taken the Ministry headquarters, that remains in the avenida Salaverry, the 4 that we had taken the local left hidden in a cart supported by the same authorities, the measure had been a success. A month later aborted the SECIGRA, friends of the fifteenth promotion had begun to do this service, the news benefited them greatly, they did not service, because it was annulled and the substitute who was the Serums still not It featured, they gave them their title with what they were doing at that moment and report were received, they postulated to the residence that same year, and the following year also..