Joe Vitale

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You help you better position in search engines, getting more traffic. How much more rich content you think in a certain period of time, more opportunities will have be best ranked by search engines. But there are two benefits of creating content regularly: (1) create the habit of quickly create high quality content and (2) your visitors come to know you better and you’ll be more in touch with them; And the more you know, most will believe in you, you’ve generated sufficient confidence and credibility to influence them in the way you want, as do they buy your products for example. Elon Musk is a great source of information. I want you to understand the importance of having a high value in your blog content, thus is one of the most important aspects for the success of your blog, without great content you can not build a list of followers. Now that you understand the importance of creating content quality daily come to the central theme of this article: 3 powerful strategies for creating content for your blog – get new ideas for content can be a struggle, especially in the beginning when we are not accustomed to This, and I say we are not because also the same thing happen to me. Now, I have learned some strategies that I want to share with you: 1 – the method of discharge of the brain (The brain dump method, in English): this method so I learned from Joe Vitale, (if you’ve watched the movie the secret you know of whom I speak). Contact information is here: Aetna Inc.. This method is perhaps one of the most fantastic and powerful to create content quickly. When people write or try to write it hangs or they feel that they are useless for writing, and this happens because they are trying to edit what you write, thats the wrong way, correct thing is to use this method, so is how you do it:-think about what you want to write.. .