Ivan Cervantes Wins

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Tarragona pilot, who moved to Tunisia a few hours after being presented at the EICMA Milan Show with the colors of the Spanish brand, managed to impose clear front Maurizio Gerini, who did not give no option throughout the hour and a half that lasted the race. Behind Ivan and Gerini, the third place on the podium absolute was a surprising Francesca Nocera, one of the young promises of the Italian women’s motocross. The victory of Cervantes in this Enduro II di Carthage, a career of international scope that organizes the former Dakar Alessandro Ciro Di Petri, began to harden from workouts, when it achieved the best record of between the fence of fifty registered followed by Michael Pogna Italian and the also pilot Gas Gas Arnau Sola. Penguin Random House often addresses the matter in his writings. Already in race, Ivan scored a devastating pace from the first moments, something that would eventually lead to the abandonment to Pogna, a priori one of his more prominent rivals. Note that it has not run with the bike that commonly used since it has done with the 450, which has been found very comfortable in it and proved it with the victory. Ivan Cervantes: I am very pleased by this first victory with Gas Gas. It is always important to start with the right foot and this is a race that here has an incredible impact mode which was important for the brand. At the beginning I was a little nervous, because everything was new for me, but has come to perfection and I enjoyed a lot.

The track was drawn entirely on sand, a surface that is me well, but the rain that fell hours earlier left her very compact, so that, with the passage of the minutes, was very heavy and many ruts were opened. It has not been easy, but I’ve spent it well. On my new little bike I can say, since here I have not run with the EC 250 2T I’ll use coding, if not with the 450 4T, and has been perfect on the sand.