Internet Use

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I always run away for the friends who to make obtain me to gargalhar between colloquies on amenities or the accomplishment of impossible dreams, as a trip of sail-boat for another continent, to buy a convertible one, etc I remain myself most of the time been silent, only hearing and gargalhando, therefore I know that I will not obtain to buy a convertible one or to pilot a sail-boat. The Internet is another escape, where I sail searching photos of landscapes, site of purchases, trips, varieties, adventures, beautiful girls, amongst other amenities, aiming at always distant subjects very of my work. When these escapes (friends, Internet) are not presented interesting, for some few times I made use of antialrgicos that give sleep, therefore I do not obtain to drink alcohol and nor to use calmantes. During the day, when the problems if show of difficult solution I am taken by an overwhelming sleep, almost lethargic, a will to erase, to fall in the bed pra not to have that to live the problem and in this circumstance I also feel my psychic and motor rhythm to diminish. In the periods where these bad sensations if present with bigger intensity my memory is sufficiently harmed, intervening negative with my professional performance. I never made use of illicit alcoholic beverage drugs nor, I only make medicine use with the had medical indication, without relation with calmantes or antidepressants or other medicines of this line. My sexuality is very well decided being heterossexual, therefore never I had any interest for the same sex, being that this bad sensation in nothing becomes related with my sexuality. I have normal relations with mine (s) partner (s).

It is very difficult to display this subject, therefore this story sounds as pure laziness and that this is only will not to work and to be with the friends debating amenities, or sailing in the Internet, thing of malandro. For this reason I cannot look aid, therefore it would not have courage to tell this nobody, remaining then a sensation of absolute solitude. It makes me completely to nothing happy and my dream only is not to have no problem to decide. Music already does not please me, to read is tiring, to travel does not satisfy me, the sex is good, but it does not have nothing of new, I do not have will to buy nothing, nor to make nothing, to only sleep. In the recent past this with passion adored everything. I do not have for where to run and contenting me to living creature in nothing to make not to suffer, running the decurrent risks of this act. How dumb everything this? How I survive thus so discouraged?