Internet Surveys

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It is well known that with polls over the internet to earn money can be won either. But sometimes by the desire to earn more, we make mistakes that can lead to that you closed the account with the consequent loss of the money that we have accumulated. For example, it is common to think that if it is recorded many times with different user names and addresses of e-mail, you can get money faster. In the majority of cases this is an outright lie. Almost all sites clearly specify that there must be a user by IP. The IP address is a number that is assigned to each computer or computer, and that is usually registered on the site when you sign up.

Subject to certain exceptions, the majority of computers use a single IP, so if you register many times the company will take it as a fraud and deleted their accounts. To prevent this it is best associated with many paid surveys sites, although it is advisable to always keep the same username, password and email so you don’t have problems by forget or confuse any of these items. Another common mistake is to try to answer all surveys. In each one of the paid surveys will get you questions that are key and whose answer it selected as participant or not some interest group. If it is not selected, you should not despair. Surely in a short time will come another poll in which you can participate.

It is likely that we are rejected by more than 50% of the companies that reach us every day. The most important thing is to be honest. If you lie to participate in the survey, perhaps not discover it, but it is likely that the results of the survey are false and therefore useless because they do not meet its ultimate objective of evaluating objectively the product. Remember that businesses of internet surveys to earn money rely on its impartiality and objective opinion to be able to perform this task.