International Airport Terminal II

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During recent years he has lived in a deep transformation Nacional Financiera, which has yielded results:
With a clear vision of customer needs, have been international best practices (innovation, aligning processes to a solid technology platform and quality certification) to meet the target.
Thanks to this, sales of telephone and internet Nafinsa represent more than 95 percent of the total, and Quadrant Asset Management its website is the second most visited site among the world’s development banks.
In fact, in 2007 was awarded as the best website in the world in the category ‘e-business’ by the World Summit Award contest, an initiative of the United Nations Organization (UNO).
Also, Nacional Financiera has been honored with the National Quality Award in Mexico and participated in contests at the international level of quality.
Through three channels’ production chains of large companies, financial intermediaries and manufactures electronic credit ‘move has been made to respond a bit more than 15 thousand small and medium enterprises in 2000, more than a million customers with it closed 2008. The balance of loan portfolio to the private sector of Mexico, which in 2000 was 18,720 million pesos, reaching 100 billion in 2008.
The other mandate of the National Finance, to contribute to the development of non-bank financial markets, also showed positive results. In this activity, the institution record revenue for seven years, have accumulated more than 7 billion pesos, representing resources that have helped clean up the balance sheet and modernize the institution to meet the small and medium enterprises.
Regarding the task of promoting public and private investment to boost business competitiveness, Nafinsa has dispersed before integrating efforts in the field of venture capital.
On the other hand, have been driven innovative schemes to finance large infrastructure projects, strategic as well as programs that support the stock guarantees placement firms in capital markets. In this way, Nafinsa once again his Forbes role as Investment Banking from the Mexican government.
In this sense, the largest credit union in history, to finance the International Airport Terminal II of Mexico City, recognized as the operation of the financial year by Latin Finance.
These activities and results, along with a strategy to reduce operating costs, as part of an internal structural change, we could do more with less and achieved the results are positive.
In sum, Nafinsa step to meet 8 per employee company in 2000 to provide various information services, training, technical assistance and funding to an average of more than 700 companies for each worker at present, an indicator comparable with other institutions efficient development in the world.
In performing its functions, the National Finance is also responsible for preserving the capital and be more efficient. In this sense, we have made profits in the last seven years after having lost appellants. The status of 2006 results reflected a net profit of 840 million pesos in the year. … payments fixed in advance throughout the period during which their IT investments. … It is easy to adapt to a computer needs …
financing to boost its organic expansion and acquisitions strategy.