Improving Jobs

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As I can help it to make it its work better? That problems you have that I can help to decide? 2. It looks for to certify itself of that the person understood what you spoke, whenever to explain something she asks: I was clearly? 3. One remembers of that it is not enough that the person understands. She is necessary that it believes, participates and seen the shirt This increases the reliable relation between all. In house, in the work and any circumstances, valley the penalty to cultivate the habit to go until the people and to look ouviz them, to know them better, to understand them, to share, and to interact. In case that it is not well clearly for the collaborator the importance of its work, this can take it the frustration and the desmotivao. To face the challenges of this decade, the organizations must give extraordinary attention to the employees, as much how much to the external customers. This is not question of being bonzinho with the collaborators. It is simply treated to recognize that the human beings are that they make or they destroy a company.