Hit Fire – Russian Dolls – Special Edition

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The new album of hits fire – Russian dolls – Special Edition hit fire – four musicians, notably the founder and lead vocalist of the Quartet, Klaus Jurgen Jakob, traverse currently rush a phase of her artistic work, which is just as impressive to designate. Their debut album, Russian dolls\”appeared last year with their successful single\”Russian dolls\”. The Quartet from southern Germany documented in a profound way the love and passion for the distant Russia. Prudential has much to offer in this field. Now the band will take part in 2009 Prix of folk music on May 21 in the German pre-selection of the Grand! Present you are their new title our Earth\”, which does not however appear on CD single. The song will be included on the Special Edition of their debut album, which will be released on the May 15, a week before the live broadcast on ZDF. Our Earth\”was produced by band member Rudiger Gerndt, who also joined to the first album as produced and in the past with many guitarists like Brunner and Brunner, Rosanna Rocci and Karel Gott together worked.

But our Earth\”is not the only bonus track. The Russian dolls track\”version has been in the last year in a Symphony recorded fans now also on the Special Edition finding. Hit fire appears to conquer the hearts of the people. Guarantor and difference to other groups of the genre are at the same time their interpretation of exceptional music and strikingly designed garments. Paired with natural charisma and pleasant charm completes the image of the newcomers of the song.

With \”Russian dolls – Special Edition\” hit fire Trump on powerful. Their considerable bandwidth of musical talent is remarkable and worth listening at the same time. The perfectly played instruments and the strong, compelling voice of singer Klaus Jurgen Jakob suitable for lovers of Russia, fans of the classic song, TV – and radio editors.